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Here you will find our range of handmade red bricks.

The red colour, finish and texture is dictated by the clay and the firing. Our hand made Bricks are all kiln fired and HANDMADE using natural CLAY with traditional methods.

The clay has been specifically selected to ensure a good match to a traditional Norfolk red brick. The firing of the brick determines the strength. Our bricks are very strong, with maximum strength being achieved from the firing process which in turn dictates the colouring to a strong red brick.

Our bricks come in the traditional imperial measurements, 2”, 2 ¼” and 2 ½“ and we hold significant stock of each to ensure a consistent product supply for all your project requirements.

Our red bricks are branded with our logo to show they are unique to us and ensure you have the quality product and comes with our high values and service stamped in. (except 2” so as not to compromise the integrity of the brick itself).

Our authentic and original new handmade red bricks come in different sizes. Red bricks are used world wide ESPECIALLY HERE IN NOROFLK.

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